Arrival, Unloading and Departure Again.

After handing back the chalet to Michel Burnet in Chamonix we trundled off heavily ladened with Vinnie full to the brim and the trailer we had borrowed from David and Orsa at the top of the road also full with patio doors, frames, furniture etc etc. We made good time 10 hours later and we were sipping fizz at 1030pm at night with Rene and Anouk at the Auberge.

The next day we woke to sunshine how lucky we were and we headed up to the barn after coffee at the auberge. A lot of unloading ahead of us but with the sun shining and a wind blowing made things much easier.

The barn was looking just as we had left it, roof seems to have held out all the water, some water got in from the chimney hole which we will cover once wood burners are in place.

Henri arrived to say hello and very kindly offered his tractor to bring the trailer up to the bridge from the end of the piste, a real bonus to say the least, this saved us at least 3 hours of work and we were hugely appreciative.

By 1pm we were sitting on the terrace in the sun with our butties and the van and trailer all unloaded.  We cracked on in the afternoon with furniture into place, upstairs looks like a home a sofa, dressers, coffee tables etc. WOW!

We even had time to attack the veggie patch and get some veggies planted in the raised beds and we will see what takes once we head back.

Back down to town as we were staying at Alison and Peter’s for the night. A quick drink in the bar with Adam and Reagan and Anouk before having a pork curry we had brought down from Cham for the evening meal very quick and easy before bed early both pooped.

The next day it was the start of another marathon whirlwind day.

Back to the barn, sorting out lots of bits and pieces upstairs and drawing up a few plans and a few more veggies going in.

Then back down for a lovely lunch with Anouk and Rene before departing top Perpignan 3 horus away to drop off the trailer with David and Orsa, a quick 10 minute wave to the sea and then back to Toulouse for dinner with Alison and the girls, Peter on his way back from Puerto Rico.  Great to see Alison and catch up on all their news.

Alison kindly dropped us at the airport and has housed Vinnie for 2 weeks while we head to UK to see family. Yorkshire here we come first to see Dad and the boys and then south to see Al’s folks. Really looking forward to seeing everyone again albeit briefly.

We will be back in 2 or 6 weeks depending on our Spain plans and snow levels in the mountains!!!!



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