An early start for a trip to St G. A quick brekky and then we met Henri on the way down, plus all the donkeys from the otherside of the piste are now on the piste so think we will be seeing Olivier later.

It was raining in St G and sunny up in the hills makes a change.

Very little to do a bit of DIY shopping, laundry and food shop then home.

A quick chat to Clive to arrange a RDV for website stuff.

Laundry on the line, food in the fridge and we heard it was rain later so we went for a quick forage before lunch. A load of brambles which we are really enjoying and at last a mushroom albeit just one a nice orange birch bolette!

Delicious prawns in the sun for lunch before we started the Ski Breezy accounts which have been looming for a while but need to hand them in when we are back in Chamonix in 2 weeks time. Sat up in the main barn for most of it until we needed the internet and moved down the hill to the log burner and the warmth! Would be good to get the other wood burner in upstairs so we can huddle around that on chillier days with more space….soon to be.

Olivier popped up to find his straying donkeys, and then the storm has just begun so it is inside for us, fire on and fish for supper.


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