6 hour picnic

As we were due to be in Salau to go to the picnic by noon we had a constructive couple of hours digging out weeds and digging in compost at the rear of the main barn. Planted the red current bush and the chives we bought on the route down south. We feel like we need to fence the area off so that the donkeys don’t eat the stuff, don’t think a fence will stop the wild boar.

The picnic was chez Max and Regina. Also there were Francis, Raymond, Flavia, Alison & Peter and the girls. The “picnic” was a partage at the top of the hill above Max and Reginas. Wine and nibbles followed by donkey sausage and pork with baked potatoes and pasta salad, salad platta, all accompanied by lots of wine, then coffee and spirits. Managed to get away just after 6pm having started at noon. Must make a note to right off a day when invited to a picnic. Heaven only knows what an invite to lunch would entail. We were invited to eat at Raymond’s in the evening but declined until next time.

On the way back we saw Annie (blue shutters) and caught up with her. Finally getting back to the barn at 7-30pm to have a fire and a slice of cheese before bed.

The Pique Nique CrowdThe Pique Nique Crowd 

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