Vultures Next Meal

Wild flower

There seemed to be a lot of vulture activity around the Port de Salau the other day. Then we realised there were a crowd (I don’t know the collective noun for vultures – chorus maybe) of them on the grass and others just kept joining them.  All of a sudden they all took to the air, then one by one landed in exactly the same spot.  On closer inspection, with binoculars, there seemed to be a solitary sheep very near by.  Later back at the barn we had a look at the pictures from the day and realised that with the sheep was a tiny lamb.

Dr Anne was staying for a few days and was with us that day at Port de Salau. The next day we ventured further afiled to the Pic des Trois Seigneur. A fabulous loop with a wild swimming option and amazing orchids on the way back down.

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