Stove up and pictures mounted

The day started as per yesterday but with the addition of rain. We did not get the washing up done from last night and, as the washing up table is outside, we have added the breakfast things to the pile.

Chores started with shifting the big cast iron fire plate up stairs with the assistance of the chain hoist. Once in place on the wooden subframe the Colonial stove was next. Then slip over the outer wooden frame and we are set for a chimney (next year). All sounds fairly simple but just takes time, it is all very heavy.

Then onto making frames for the picture we got printed onto canvas and varnishing them.

By 4pm the rain had abated and patches of blue sky appeared. The kettle went on for a cuppa tea and the washing up got done (having added lunch stuff to it as well). Once we could see the tops there was obvious snow down to about 2000m.

All tools were packed away and we went foraging for brambles for breakfast. Shopping tomorrow for Breezy’s brother and sister in law arriving on Friday so menus and food stock check before supper.

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