Pic de Fonta

Another walking day with all 3 of us but not before Breezy and I have had a fried breakfast with some of the bacon that Laney brought out with her.

Then off to Col de la Pause to set off on the traversing path under the ridge towards Pic de Fonta. It is a lovely path in and out of the trees and very easy to follow. A better option than parking at Lasserre and walking all the way up in the heat of the day (especially on a fried breakfast).

The traverse meets the path up from Lasserre about 200-300m below the summit to gain the ridge which we then followed all the way back to Col de Pause. It has got to be one of my favourite short walks with a little scrambling and fantastic views over to Mont Rouch and Valier. And we did not see a soul once we left the parking.

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