Path rebuild

path reconstruction

A couple of jobs on the MUST do list this summer were to clean the main water buts, well over due and to re do the main path along the main entrance to the barn which has gradually been slipping away as the wood has become more and more rotten. We have been putting both off for a while.

Finally kicked ourselves into action with the water buts as Ian and nephew Peter were over for the night so meant two extra pairs of hands for getting water buts down the hill. Once we got going with the job, not too bad…..

Draining them took several hours with the help of a hose borrowed from Anouk ane Rene, rather a lots of sludge build up to say the least!

Then we lugged them down the hill and then into Billy, one by one down to the village, over the wall by the river so we could borrow a power wash, water and power and get them as clean as possible before back up the hill, and back down with the second one and more of the same. Ian and Peter helped us up the hill with the first one before they headed off home.

After the second one was clean, we had drinks in the bar with Clive and Alison and Peter before back up the hill just before the thunderstorm, perfect timing for not having to go to the river to refill them! A little bit of weather gods on our side there!

2 spangly clean water buts, note to self don’t leave it for 8 years till we do it again!!!!

The other big job involving the dreaded R…O…C…K…S word, it was just a matter of getting going. So we dug up the stones already in place and dug the area out, full of compost from the original barn clear out. That has all gone on to the garden which should help things grow happily. Now the path is totally knackered makes us have to fix it!

Lots of rocks, wood, slabs and heavy lifting. A few half days and it is looking good but Al’s back not good so path laying has a breather till he is 100% again. We are now over half way with it which is fab and most of the really heavy lifting is done. Now just a juggling and a jangling to get slabs levelish and not wobbling et voila!

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