Kitchen Starts

Another hot day ahead of us so we prepped an area for the rocks which will come out of the wall before it got too hot. Just a few fence posts and tin as a quick fix for an easy place to where the window is going to be.

It was then full steam ahead with internet for Ski Breezy for a few hours as now enquiries seem to be getting better post Olympics I think so need to concentrate on winter as well as the barn.

Then we made a start to the kitchen. Firstly we gave the work surfaces a scrape down and another coat of Danish oil, they are going to look great. Next was to screw on some of the old doors to act as panelling for the sides of the units we are going to use. Hopefully hiding most of the white which we do not like. We also managed to salvage a double sink, not the prettiest of ones but functional enough so we just needed to tailor the units to accept it.

A bit of levelling out of 3 units we have put together and a few shelves to make and we were ready to start sanding and painting.

A good lunch in the sun. I had made some chilled mint and courgette soup in an attempt to lower the stocks of courgettes in the fridge! which was yummy.

It was then on to sanding and painting. More bright colours!

I just had time to do another coat of Danish oil on the work surfaces whilst Al fettled the water butts so that both are connected together and doubling our rainwater usage with easy access. Since we have had so little rain we will need both water butts I think.

We have chicken marinading with oregano and lemon ready for the BBQ later on. Rose awaits!

Categories: Summer 2012, The Project