Hillary and Ralph got married

Wedding socks

We were fortunate enough to be invited to their wedding in a field near Manchester. The dates coincided with Dave and Helen from being in the country so we were also lucky to catch up with them too. So Friday night we had dinner with them and Ken in Derbyshire before heading to the wedding.

When I say the bash was in a field, it was a very nice field with a triple teepee style tent decorated in a chic and relaxed way. A double decker bus picked us up from the hotel at noon and took a meandering route to the venue where we took our seats outside for the marriage. The brides entrance was in her type 2 VW camper caning around the field. The ceremony continued in a very simple but personal manner. Before we knew it the bus arrived at half past midnight to cart us back to the hotel. Time just flew with fantastic food and loads of interesting people. The speeches were amazing and we had a brilliant day.

On the Sunday we caught Ken, Dave and Helen again for a walk and pub lunch in the Peak District. Thanks Ken for putting us up again. And thanks Dave and H for making the time to see us and for the sailing news.

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