Guests and more guests arrive

Having arrived back yesterday we had a load of catching up to do on the internet.  And of course we still had to unload stuff from the van, clothes to dry having swept by the laundrette yesterday plus a lot of little things to sort out.

Sauze and Patrick were due to arrive late afternoon for a few days so some of the chores related to them staying in the outbuilding.  Making the bed up and airing it after having been closed up for a couple of weeks.  Sorting out the garden and picking whatever was ready to eat.  Prepare food for the evening and stock up the fridge with drinks.

Having got sorted and ready we booted up the laptops and cracked on with more internet stuff for the Ski Breezy website and emails.

We heard the horn of a van about 4pm as our guests arrived so a quick instalation and beverages were sorted.  Soon after we had other guests waving from the piste.  Gilbert and Patrick from above Couflens came up for a drink and a chat.  Gilbert was the last Berger (shepherd) who worked the barn and the land and has photos from the 1970’s which will be interesting to get copies of.

Paella for super.


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