Dad Arrives

Early start as our plans had to change a bit for pick up since St Girons is closed due to the Tour de France being in town. So I left to go and collect Dad from Foix over a few passes and very narrow lanes twice as long as usual but very scenic!

Al stayed at the barn and caught up on internet stuff and started a bonfire to get rid of all the rotten old timbers from the old roof which should make access around the back much easier.

All went smoothly and I met Dad at just after 10am and we got back to the barn in glorious sunshine just after midday.

After a tour around for Dad to see the new changes we had a good lunch in the sun with pates, hams, salads and a bottle of rose before Dad retired into the chair under the parasol with his kindle and Al and I did a quick paint of bedroom 1, a rustic deep pink colour, we like it anyway.

Showers and food prep before some Rummikub before dinner. Flies and midges were out so we opted to eat indoors which was great. Delicious spanish ham and melon then  BBQ ed lamb marinaded in garlic, rosemary and olive oil greens and spuds, BBQ ed pineapple in rum, ginger honey and lime and then some cheeses to end off. All washed down with some Cava, Spanish white and Chateau Neuf not a bad night all around!


Categories: Summer 2013, The Project