Cabane de Bonheur

Another glorious day so we decided to do a little work before brekky and the sun hit us.

I set too with the strimmer on the bracken which we are gradually getting the better of. Al had the more unpleasant job of de composting the toilet!

Breakfast in the sun on the bottom terrace for a change before we started planning the terrace layout behind the new wall. Alison and Peter popped in for a coffee and a chat and before we knew it, it was lunchtime.

We had planned an early lunch as heading up the hill afterwards. So a good salad and pates and cheeses to get us fuelled up ready for the ascent to the cabane just below Mt Rouch.

The usual STEEP climb  up for 2.5 hours. Avalanche debris blocked the path at one stage which made the deviation rather treacherous.  There is not much flat in the 2.5hours but we just took our time especially as we had heavy packs with ropes, harnesses and wood for the stove.

We arrived just behind 4 other people BOO, last time we were here we had the place to ourselves and we just presumed that would be the case. Anyway it did not matter in the end. 8 people so no need for a fire and consequnetly lugged the firewood up there for no reason….anyway somebody else will thank us for it on a cold night!

We had made a rice, sausage and veggie meal all cooked and as there was no gas this time we just had it cold but with the chillits etc it was scrummy. We sat outside playing cards, having supper etc until 730pm in shorts and T shirts as it was a gorgeous evening, no wind and hot hot hot perfecto.

In the end 3 of the Frenchies decided on sleeping outside which meant we could have slept on the bed but number 4 Frenchman did not seem too hospitable so we slept on mattresses on the floor, not the most comfortable nights sleep.


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