Barn shut down day 2

Now the list is shorter as is the amount of time we have to complete it. I fancied going for a short walk once everything was ticked off, alas it was not to be.

We had arranged to go down to the village at about half five to see Clive and to say goodbye to the folk at the the Auberge. Realistically that meant showers by half four in order to then take the shower down and sort out some last bits after that.

At lunch it was another use up salad. We did spy this parasol mushroom in the field at the back of the barn, though we shall not get to use it. Once you know what you are looking for you can spot them a mile away.

Needless to say that we had just finished the “pre shower list” by half four. Showered; ticked off a couple more items and made supper ready for returning from the village. Pasta tonight so as to minimise washing up (in the dark).

Dinner done, washed up and put away. We had time for a hand of cards before an early night. The alarm is set for 4a.m. to get on the road to Chamonix.

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