Barn Day

A day at the barn pottering about and it was HOT!!!

Another healthy breakfast before starting odd jobs about the place. Breezy and Laney set about repainting the decking while I found some suitable wood to make a frame for the relief map of the Pyrenees which Matt Rose gave us. The heat was relentless and I even moved the work bench indoors out of the sun.

Once the deck was done the ladies took a tour of the grounds before lunch while I beavered away making big bits of wood smaller. A bit like working in the chalet in the winter; take a vegetable and make it into several smaller bits.

After a salad lunch under the parasol to use up all the leftovers the ladies went up to Cirque D’Anglade and I finished the frame and started making a chair. When you are on a role …

Early evening drinks and nibbles on the deck in the trees and then I cooked a spicy sausage & potato salad for sups.

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