Sunshine Hoorah

At last the sun has shone itself and we knew at 745am as it shone through our tiny window.

Breakfast on our new terrace which was lovely. There had been a hevay frost overnight but in the sun it was warm. It has, however killed the courgette and cucumber plants hey ho.

Well we were in overdrive amazing what the weather can do.

We needed to fix the stove pipe in the outbuidling as the baked bean can has fallen to pieces so we dismantled the flue and used another baked bean can to cover the hole in the pipe. A bit faffy but does the trick.

So we had as usual a long list of things to do primarily to get the floor cleared downstairs to lay the wood floor. Lots of heave hooing with the chevrons and decking out on to the terrace, lifting on to top terrace and then shifting to under the tree a few hours of shifting and it was done. We then cracked on with clearing 2/3rds of the floor space which will be wood flooring so we can start work in a days time or so.

Just as we were finishing that and planning doors for the inner porches Olivier (donkey man) arrived so we had a catch up with him before having a delicious smoked slamon salad on the terrace. Although the sun was out, air temp with the wind was chilly so after lunch we opted for warming up work!!!

We had to get all the floor boarding up from the van and also attack the last bit of strimming plus change Al’s bike tyres so we have rideable bikes for Spain.

On a roll….a load of wood chain sawed for the fire as we are going through it rapidly at the moment. Muppet moi put oil in the petrol bit….luckily I realised before we kicked it into action, so we drained the machine and it seems fine….phew!

Al suggested a glass of wine in the sun before solar showers which was a great way to end the work day. Showers and rummikub in the sun and then BBQed duck with salads for supper inside with fire on though as now chilly.

Just so lovely to see the mountains again let’s hope it lasts but forecast is not good we will see.



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