Sunshine Hoorah We Love it!!!!

Well the weather seems to have finally changed for the better and it is amazing how motivation increases rapidly with the sun shining all day long.

We are getting lots of odds and ends done and varying the jobs to make things less monotonous and it seems to be working.

I had another bout of strimming to do whilst Al did the final sand and paint around the chimneys.  I also managed to get the roof painted in the porch area too so now all we need in there is tiles and finished.

It was then on to sanding and varnishing the soon to be log box for upstairs and also for the ski chair which Al made ages ago. Dad found it very comfy so we thought get that ready for his arrival too.

Before lunch we managed to get the second frame screwed together for bedroom 1 and into place all very simply, it looks really like it is taking shape quite quickly.

We had made some courgette and mint soup for lunch which we had chilled for a change since it was so hot on the top terrace before starting afternoon activities.

Al did a second coat of paint around the chimneys, they are now finished and look great.

We set about fitting some wooden slats in wall one which will accept wall sockets for power so that is done. Sanding and varnishing wood.

Clive tipped up whilst Al was strimming and I was watering veggies etc to borrow a chain hoist and also to change dates for building the lower terrace wall which suits us much better. First 2 weeks in Aug is going to be flat out doing that but will feel much happier that the barn is not going to slip down the hill. There is going to be a lot of materials  to get up the hill before then. Lets hope the sun shines for us for those 2 weeks.

Early evening we saw our first deer of the season, 3 in total bounding about on the other side of the river.

Hot showers, remains of the pork curry, fire lit outside, fire inside needs a clean, bellowing smoke everywhere and lovely to have dinner outside followed but some cards.

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