Proper Sunday of being

A lie in!

I know it doesn’t sound much but it is great when you get one. If we are not careful then work can take over as there will always be so much to do here that we will end up doing all the time.

Breezy baked a cake while I did some work on the skibreezy website. Rhubarb & Almond cake. Completely lactose and gluten free (recipe coming soon). We have been through the surfeit of courgettes a couple of years ago and now we are on the “what else can we do with rhubarb?” phase. Delicious cake, highly recommend!

After lunch we moved the compost heap and placed the new raised bed frame over the old site before heading off to Clive and Giselle’s to pick fruit for their freezer. I think that someone has been feeding the horseflies up there with steroids as they are really vicious. Managed to get a laundry load washed while we were there and called by the bar at the Auberge in Salau on the way back.

Baked cod with herbs, spring onion and baby tomato served with a small side salad followed by a game or two.

Colour & Light

Colour & Light

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