Second Bedroom Floor Down

We have decided with this heat the way forward is a couple of hours work before breakfast and the sun hits so alarm goes at 645am and we start at 7am.

This morning the strimmer decided to work so I set to, to finish the large patch of bracken and then we only have a tiny bit left at the back to do tomorrow. Meanwhile, Al continued with digging out rocks from the collapsed wall in prep for Clive’s arrival. I joined him after an hourish. By 9am bracken was gone and the wall is getting there, long process.

Usual fruit galore breakfast and then over to Clive’s before the sun hits there to pick his rasps pretty easy and thousands of black currants. Made a start and popped them all in his freezer for him but a few more hours of that still to be done.

A quick fill up with water and then a drop off of wedding clothes to be housed till next wedding at Anouk and Rene and then back to the barn for lunch in the sun but with the parasol well and truly up. Mushie and chive omelette and salad.

Then we wanted to finish laying the second bedroom floor which all went down pretty quickly and we got one coat of varnish on too. So that just needs a quick sand and another couple of varnishes before we can attack the walls.

A quick mange toute and strawberry pick before red hot showers, internet and we are hoping a BBQ outside steaks and salad on the agenda.


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