Glazed entry

It is becoming predictable now; it’s raining again. I am so glad that we got the deck done outside the little cabin that serves as home. Without it we would have such a mud bath just out the door that pigs would love.

So indoor work it is then. Having started putting a stud wall together, very quickly it started to take shape. Patrick in Chamonix had given us some old double glazed units which are now destined for a glazed partition to go around the end door to the barn along with an old patio door salvaged from this last winter season.

To face one side of the glazed wall we used bits of forklift palette which as well as using up wood gives a pleasing, rustic effect. Part of me hopes it is raining tomorrow so that we can crack on and get finished.

Late finish toady at 6:45pm; quick shower in the rain and the remainder of the pork curry to look forward to.

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