Getting everything straight

Started the morning by making a good old list (on one sheet of paper).

Decided to completely clean the outhouse where we are living before unloading the van. Considering the inside of the building is only just over 3m x 3m it did not take too long. Unpacked the van sorting out food and stuff to stash away in the main barn out the way. Started a list of things that we have to take back to the chalet in Chamonix ready for the winter.

Connected all the solar stuff together so that we can start recharging the battery and get the satellite working for internet. Breezy got some strimming done as the donkeys have not yet arrived to keep the grass down.

The rest of the day was spent getting really frustrated with the satellite kit. There is only so long that you can listen to what sounds like an old electric razor through an earpiece while tweaking a dish. The idea being that when in the correct position the noise changes to a continuous beep.

No luck so gave up. We wanted to get down to Salau to see if our new ladders had arrived at the Auberge and catch Clive before he finished work on Raymond's house for the evening but we were too late.

Showered under the tree at the front; added to the list of things to do and had a trout supper.

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