Work & Rugby

10am start with Clive, Murray, Breezy and me. Breezy graded slate and cleaned them up for Clive to attach to the roof. Clive also sorted out the gutters and felt so that we could crack on Monday morning. Murray and I went on slate finding missions. Clive kindly donated his personal stash to our roof. They need replacing but without them we would not be able to progress. Clive is passionate about what he does, and I marvel sometimes at the devotion he gives to our project. My parents visited mid afternoon while the place was still in sun. They had an adventure finding us. Having parked at the beginning of the piste and walked up. “How much further” & “Have we passed it”. I keep forgetting that we are over 1000m altitude and walking up hill is an effort. Cracked open a bottle of rose wine!! Saturday night we spent at Clive and Giselle’s for food and rugby. Fantastic food and England beat France. All three kids had face paint on. Tri colours on one side and St George’s cross on the other. So, now gotta watch the final next weekend. There’s a birthday bash for a local, Patrick on Friday and we are planning a bit if a picnic do at the barn on Saturday so rugby in the bar on Saturday night sounds good to me.


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