Wood ont Roof

Blue sky, snow down to 1300m and chuffing freezing. Undeterred we went up the hill to the grange. It looked like chocolate box scenery from inside a warm vehicle. Outside however it was different. Having read the instructions for the toilet installation (scant) we bolted things to floors and cut tubes etc at the same time as identifying any extra items we need to buy to get the thing working. By noon there was nothing else to do but get ready for an assault on the roof of the outhouse. Everything was still frozen and surfaces were slippery.


I got all the tools ready and Breezy dragged all the poplar out of the barn in an effort to keep warm. Having taken a chainsaw to the joists to level them all up the sun finally made an appearance over the mountains at 12:20 and fleeces came off for nailing the planks on the joists. This we kept up until the roof was covered and we had lunch sat on the roof in the sun at 3pm. A bit more chainsaw action cutting off the planks at either side and it looks like we have a roof (minus the slate). Covered that with a couple of tarps and then sorted out the insulation to go under the concrete floor inside.



Finally got a load of water from the river in preparation for the final concrete mixing session this trip. Gonna go get more ballast in the morning and, weather permitting, lay the floor. Then all we need is a door, windows, pointing up the walls, water, heating, lighting, carpet, fridge, cooker and a sofa and we have somewhere nice to stay while we work on the main building!!!

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