Window Opening

By 11.30am we had done the web stuff, refilled plaster joints and sanded some more of the beams on the 1st floor. We were waiting to see if the weather improved before tackling a window opening at the back of the barn. To start the day it was that heavy mizzle which soaks you in a matter of minutes.

It got better so we cracked on. Breezy had started ripping the wall apart before I had finished filling plasterboard joints.

Having had the forethought to put the lintels in the wall when we put the roof on it was relatively easy.

  • take the wall apart under the lintel
  • move the stone onto a pile nearby
  • make a frame for the new window using old oak from the original roof (mortice & tenon joints)
  • fit the frame to the lintel
  • rebuild the wall
  • fit the window to the frame

Having said that we got as far as fitting the frame to the lintel by 6.30pm.

Tomorrow is another day and my hands hurt now.

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