Weds Shopping day

First time I have been let lose on the blog this time…change in the weather the mist was low down on the mountains and there was a constant drizzle all morning. So we made a plan to go to the barn in the morning and then go to St Girons in the pm as we have loads of bits and pieces which need doing and a wet weather day is more of an incentive to traipse down the valley.

We sorted out the wood in the morning, checked nail stocks etc so we did not forget anything whilst in town.

On the way we saw Lee’s car at Pont de La Taule so we stopped and found the new place he has bought and is doing up, quite a project with loads of work, but will I am sure look great when finished.

A very successful pm in St Girons. We had a different trip to Maccy D’s  of all places….WHY? you may ask…free Wifi internet connection. So we spent a good hour or so catching up with work stuff and sorting out other bits and pieces. Then it was on to junk shops in search of an old door for the shepherds annex, no luck there but did pick up some cheap other bits we needed.

Into the centre of money, stamps, tobacco, phone shops, postcards etc. A trip to La Forgue and managed to get everything we wanted reinforcement, cement, nuts and bolts…who said married life was dull!!!! A quick cheeky stock up on food as it appears we are hosting some folk for dinner on Saturday.

We got back and had a quick turn around as Ekke and Cecile had kindly asked us over for dinner at their place in Salau. They are a lovely couple he is German  she is French and they have 3 boys between them. We turned up with a bottle to a warm slightly chaotic welcome as Ekke had been trying to fix a leak in the kitchen  sink which was taking longer than anticipated and Cecile got caught behind the sheep being taken down from the mountains for the winter. We had a FAB dinner, spicy vegetable broth with a semolina bread, cheese and home made cake.

Ekke and Cecile speak very clearly so understanding is fine but the kids speak so fast we do find out that we are missing a lot of it!!! All good practice. Cecile has been very helpful with sorting out storing the toilet and giving us plenty of local advice etc. so hopefully we can get them around for some dinner before we go and return their kindness.

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