We Have Lights

Another hot start to the day. Al did a lovely naughty brekky fried eggs and fried bread to start the day. He was going to do his speciality egg window but the bread was too small to make the window!!! We had brekky outside and came up with a plan and as always a list!!!

Al set to with sorting out a couple more of the light sockets 2 more down, 7 more to go whilst I varnished the shutters and the window ledge.

We then came up with a plan on how to hide the few holes near the ridge beam where we had slightly mis judged our measurements but it was one of those things which would irritate us in the end. So we ended up putting up some wood along the ridge beam to hide the issues….seems to be good and was pretty easy with the scaffolding here.

A quick lunch and then Al cracked on with the rest of the lights whilst I sanded the shutters and window ledge before giving it a second coat. Al was on a mission so I weeded the raised bed which has a whole load of new salad stuff and herbs in there going well.

Hey presto Al connected the mains to the generator and lo and behold we have lights on the first floor of tha barn and they ALL work, not one dodgy connection. My husband is a total STAR! Now we, that will be the royal we!!! have just got to hard wire it to the battery and invertor and we have lights on command from the solar panels. All the lights look good and give great lighting we think. The whole of upstairs is lighted with 130 watts. Al was keen to have the whole place both upstairs and downstairs for under 300 watts so looking feasible.

Some what later finish than planned as we still have loads of internet stuff to sort so we both managed a few hours tapping away before supper.

The mizzle came from nowhere but we were determinded to eat outside as it was still really warm. So the parasol acted as a mizzle shade this evening as we sat on the top terrace with marinaded balsamic peppered pork on the BBQ, a delicious new bulgar salad with lots of home grown herbs amongst other goodies and a green salad with lettuce and broccoli from the garden and an avo from the supermarket thrown in too!!!! Bed!!!!

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