Walking and coppicing


After breakfast Stevie went off exploring for a couple of hours while Breezy and I set about a bit of coppicing. Having been surrounded by chainsaw contractors for the last couple of weeks we realised that if we don’t do some maintenance on our land then the forest will slowly take over all the pasture. Two hours of felling trees and saplings generates a lot of wood and leafage.

When Stevie got back we made a packed lunch, drove up to the old mine and walked up to Cirque D’Anglade. Avalanche snowcones made it feel semi glacial. Found a perfect lunch rock and then had a walk up to the waterfall over the snow.

When we got back to the barn it was time to build a big fire and clear up the mess that Breezy and I made in the morning.

A couple of beers in the Myrtille bar and then Roast Chicken supper.

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