A slow morning for me, struggling to move and pain levels fairly high. Sun came out mid morning so I finally got going and Al pottered on again with prep work for Monday and knocking a work proposal out the door as well.  I managed to varnish an old crate for another log box to go in the kitchen.

Lee and Suzie arrived just before lunch with a troop of friends and kids to find some swimming holes in the river with a picnic lunch. Caught up with them which was lovely and will try and get them up for a BBQ before they head back in a month.

Lee helped Al get a huge log up from down by the river and shared ideas on tree felling.

We had a late lunch of pate and bread on the terrace. I went back to horizontal and Al carried on. Very hot showers and then down to the village for RDV with Francois and Al had a much deserved couple of beers with the locals.

All tweaked and we trundled back up the hill for supper outside a glorious evening. BBQed duck and salad before bed.

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