Varnishing, Electrics and Another Raised Bed


A couple of hours before brekky of shifting rocks and wall prep before it got too hot, seems to be making progress albeit it slowly.

One of the things that Ken mentioned when he was here that he thought the floors upstairs could do with another varnish. So we took his advice and spent the first couple of hours, hoovering the kitchen area upstairs, then scrubbing and mopping before we could start the re varnish. At the same time we got the second coat on for the 2nd bedroom. Banished for the next few hours from upstairs and inside whilst it all dried we then attacked some internet stuff.

Floors were dried by lunch time so we could prep another salad lunch before Al sorted some electrics in the afternoon and I did the final coat upstairs and downstairs. Banished again whilst the floors dried. Outdoor work was on the agenda.

We then had time to prepare some more of the area to make work for the wall building. Moving dead wood, sheets of tin from the old back area to make access much easier for getting to the access the rocks which we will need in due course to re build the wall. Al got the chain saw out and lopped a few big branches off the pine tree which were at head banging height!

Hot showers much needed and then it was a lovely evening outside with BBQed marinaded chicken a new salad with fresh peas from Clive’s garden, mange toute from ours, bacon and pinenuts delicious.


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