Trees are a Coming down….

Breakfast Sauze PatrickA leisurely start to the day, breakfast, lots of tea and coffee before we started with some very happy helpers to do some log chopping and tree felling.

Many hands make light work that is for sure. A whole new section of the log store is now full of logs chopped and ready to season for use in 2 years time. Then it was on to clearing more trees behind us to stop the encroaching woodland. Al and Patrick doing most of the chopping and Sauze and I doing the smaller chopping and clearing of the fallen trees. good team work and all went really quickly.  We had 2 large clumps to do and by 3pm the clumps were down, log pile looking much healthier and all ready for some lunch.

Lots of leftovers for lunch along with pates and cheeses etc.


Sauze then headed off for a run/walk with Tood. Patrick relaxed and knocked out a few zzzz’s. Al and I caught up on internet and prepped some fajitas for supper.

A games night after dinner with Rummikub and Chinese Checkers which was fun.

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