Tree time

Time has accellerated and the leaves are changing colour rapidly. We know the last couple of weeks are simply gonna disappear and we are gonna be in a last minute thrash about to get everything sorted before leaving. Breezy scribbed and we came up with a list of must do jobs.

Today was a tree day to make progress and plan the next steps. First off was to put in the top cable for the postman's walk between the trees and to get a roof on the first platform. Once the cable was in and tested we had lunch then returned to planning.

Breezy testingBreezy testing 

Outcome was to forget the roof on platform one with the  rationale that it is a deck and if the snow over the winter brings it down we put it down to learning. Platform two is gonna be at the other end of the bridge and will be a circular deck around the trunk of the tree to give access to platform three above it. Platform two will go in this year and the platform above will be big enough to create an indoor area. Substantial we think.

It does not sound a lot but the afternoon was really productive. We recognise that we are learning as we go and that progress is slow (with everything else we have on project wise) but we only have so many hours in a day and so many days available.

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