An early start for us as we planned to go to Toulouse primarily to get windows and hopefully a work surface for the kitchen.

Alarm at 615am was a rude awakening but after an early nights kip not too bad. A quick brekky and out the door.

We stopped in Salau to ring Bricoman just to make sure they had the windows in stock before heading off to no avail. All was going well until we arrived at the address to find no shop!!!! Anyway, won’t bore you with maps and frustration but found a Bricoman in the end. On the way we stopped at Ikea to check out work surfaces for the kitchen but anything reasonable was out of stock so we stocked up on a few light bulbs and dull things and got out quickly. It really is a nightmare place to go especially for us two who HATE shopping!!!

Lots of luck at Brico, 2 windows into Vinnie, 2 lengths of beech for the work surfaces, paint brushes and rollers for the ceiling and all done. Now get us out of Toulouse!!!!

We had the usual stuff to do on the way home another 7 sheets of palsterboard should see us through, more filler for the joints, collected the strimmer, weekly shop and weekly laundry run before back to the shack around 4pm.

This gave us time for some cold drinks before 10 trips up and down the hill with unlaoding the van but the sun was out so no problem there and everything is in the barn ready for being put in place in due course.

Hot showers are working a treat with the new solar shower bag from the USA from last year and on hot days like today almost too hot.

Planning a hot rabbit liver salad tonight, should be different but Carrefour was lacking in food so something new to try!!!! Forecast good for next few days and into the 90’s by Wed hoorah bring it on!!!!


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