Thoughts for 2010

Breezy and I are currently running Ski Breezy, Chamonix accommodation in a catered chalet. Part of our time is spent thinking and planning the next steps for the Pyrenees. We want to get the ground floor in the main barn concreted and some progress on doing the joints in the inside walls.

As ever the hardest thing is going to be getting the materials on site. The floor is going to take about 10 ton of balast which is going to have to be hand balled up to the barn from the piste. Then there is gonna be a lot of bags of cement too. And we are gonna need water to mix it all. Can we get a mixer through the door and mix inside? Should we put the floor down on the first floor first to give us space inside to store stuff? But that is gonna make the ground floor dark for working inside.

Dilemas, where to start? Keep thinking round in circles and then find something easy to do instead, like lay the table in the chalet.

In the meantime we are hoarding useful stuff in Chamonix to take down to the Pyrenees in May. We also have a stash of stuff in Derbyshire which we need to get down there too if anyone out there is driving out to Chamonix or the Pyrenees.

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