The Floor is Down….Hoorah!!!

After astormy adn very wet night, we decided for a lie in, well I did anyway. I think Al had been awake for hours but finally we emerged after 9am BLISS!

After brekky it looked like it might clear up  but then the heavens opened again so we set to lowering the inside window in the main barn, keeping the outside look the same. A few bits of dodgy moments when we thought things might collapse. We got to the stage when it was too late to go back so we then had to finish the floor to get some extra cement to hold the window sourrounds in place.


Al donned the waterproofs and headed for the mixer while I was the lucky one to be wokring dry indoors.

The last section of floor was the smallest so we thought 3 hours would see us through. 2.5 hours later and it was DONE what a big relief and it looks great as far as concrete floors go!!

We had a barrow of cement left to glue the window back together so a very successful day.

It was then a very quick bite to eat before zooming off to Clive's to pick the rasps and trip the electric back on which had been knocked out in the storm. Quick showers and back to Salau.

I had chatted to Francoise the other day local osteo and she said she had time to look at Al's knee so we are going to see what she thinks as it is still not 100% better.

I am sipping a glass of wine waiting for him and then we will load up the ladders and head back to the barn hopefully before it rains again as it is looking quite black!!!



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2 Responses to The Floor is Down….Hoorah!!!

  1. Al says:

    Hi Lee,

    Francoise is a blind lady in Salau, an osteopath and is fantastic. Highly recommend. She lives up the lane by the side of the Auberge.

    Day off mixing today though planning to do the market in St Girons tommorrow. Let us know if you are about and try and catch ya. Either at market or Pont.

  2. Lee says:

    Is that Francoise in Souiex?

    Glad you finished – might be safe to visit now!
    I’m working my socks off at Pont and was also by coincidence mixing concrete in the rain. Hope to drop by soon – weather looks pants until after the w/e.

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