The Baker clan

A quick breakfast and then on with the list of chores before the Baker clan arrive. Unfortunately it is overcast and not at all warm so we are gonna have to entertain indoors.

  • Marinate the chicken and the pork
  • Sort out the bulgar salad and the green salad
  • Make up the sweet potato and beetroot salad
  • Charge the fridge with drinks
  • Move chairs around
  • Cheese out of the fridge
  • Sort out crockery and cutlery
  • Clean the BBQ
  • etc etc etc

Just enough time left over to check emails and have a cup of tea before they arrive. Everyone was on good form and the weather did not deter anyone from having nibbles and dips on the terrace only going inside once the meat was cooked.

The kids entertained themselves throwing pine cones for the dog and rolling down the hill.

Good food and company then a monster clear up before an episode of Spooks in the outhouse in the evening.

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