Terrace Prep

The sun is shining again we love it….

Al had a phone meeting at midday so we had a couple of hours propping up the the top terrace with some stumps. So we are now ready to deck.

Al had to crawl underneath the lower terrace to put one more chevron in as it was a bit bendy!!! It was tight but now much more stable and no worries that someone might go through it.

We have learnt for the top terrace and have decided to out another couple of supports in so we don't have to do the same again!!! Managed to get this all done just before 11.30am in time for Al's dash to Salau.

Al disappeared for an hour ish to chat with a contact in Toulouse re some potential work.

I cracked on removing compost to the "will be" flowerbed areas and creating a level and smooth ish area to lay the geo textile material.

Made some butties for Al's return so we could then crack on in the afternoon with laying the geo textile material, in the hope we can keep the weeds at bay.

Lunch in the sun and then started decking the top terrace. 

Off to Clive and Giselles for supper, a delicious beef casserole plus cheeses and lots of homegrown veggies.

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