Table making

A hot day which clouded over later and we had a small storm which cleared the air.


The morning was spent; guess what? Pointing up joints in walls. After a couple of mixes we finished the second wall (fortunately out of four) and it now feels like we will get it done.

After a beef steak sandwich for lunch we set about a table for Breezy. She is right in that eating at a table is far nicer than eating off your lap. First attempt failed when I had a go at cutting planks out of some of the old roof timber. I never realised how hard it is to cut even planks from a log using a chainsaw. Clive has a small spirit level taped to the handle for such a purpose. Plan B was to use some of the off cuts of poplar from the roof to make the table top. Having attached them together and chainsawed the ends off to make them square we set to planning the top smooth. An hour or so later we have a pretty cool table top. Next, the legs. With an abundance of Box wood we set about gathering the right thicknesses and lengths and taking the bark off.

Goulash and cous cous for supper and a game of scrabble by oil lamp.

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