Last night we went though a plan of what we want to get done before our road trip and what is feasible. La Forgue in St Girons have our chimney pieces in and I desperately want to get them before we go. If there is a problem I really don’t want the French holidays to stop us getting the right bits.

In view of that I had a list of supplies and odd jobs to do in St Girons while Breezy cracked on with some paperwork at the barn. 1st stop for ma was to fill the Gerry can with petrol, then pick up bread, then La Forgue. Got everything on my list of building supplies except for the parquet flooring in order to finish the wood floor. So best laid plans will have to go in the poubelle. Next stop is the garden centre to replace the courgette and cucumber plants that died in the frost the other day.

Managed to see Clive in Couflens on the return journey and thank him for supper. Back to the barn by 12:30 in time for broccoli and blue cheese soup.

Unloaded the van in the dry before the rain started once more. Rain snow limit around 1300-1400m so chilly at the barn (>1000m).

We checked that all the chimney pieces work though did not fit them as there is no way I want to be up on the roof in the rain. Also managed to hang a picture that Dad made the frame for before starting building framework for an entry around the far door in the barn.

Beef in beer with dumplings and stir fried veg, Mmmmm.

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