Sunshine so hot showers outside

Woke up to glorious sunshine which was great news after 4 days of rain it was getting a bit tedious!!! The sun does not actually reach the barn at this time of year until 10.30am so quite fresh first thing.

Had brekky cereals and brambles from the land which although very small were delicious. We have lots of little bits and pieces which we want to sort this time which is good as you feel like we are making progress.

We spent the morning making shelves for the outbuilding. We needed 2 more shelves so found some more off cuts of Poplar, Al set too cutting and planning and then handed them over to me for sanding and varnishing in the sunshine!!! Also, had a few brackets to paint at the same time.

On to the next problem which is the leaking roof which is a pain as it is very difficult to isolate which slate is causing the problem. Luckily it is at the back so access is considerably easier. Al got on the roof and could find no obvious problem so it is now the bucket of water trick and trying to determine which slate to silicone to stop the leak….this could take a while I think.

Lunch in the sun on the bench, left over roast chicken sandwiches which were yummy.

We were then on to attacking the area outside the outbuilding which we had started yesterday with moving on rocks and levelling. We finished off levelling the area and then dug up some turf from the back of the barn and have laid it down  outside, we think it looks great and makes us feel like we now have a small outdoor area for a table etc with a fantastic view of course. We watered that all in before tidying up.

Chucked another few buckets down the roof still none the wiser re where the leak is coming from…..

Hot showers outside before rose.

I am still in shock with this satellite internet it is amazing and makes life so much easier.

All in all a top day, until tomorrow.

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