Sunday Feeling

We woke up to another glorious day not a cloud in the sky but quite chilly.


Had our first brambles this season with brekky which are delicious. Hope they last as long as they did last year.

We gave the shelf we had made for the outbuilding a quick sand and first varnish so that we could give it the second coat and get it fitted before lunchtime.

Alison and Peter arrived to collect some firewood which was great as it has diminished the size of the pile by the outbuilding which we want to clear before we leave. Coffee before they loaded up the car and Vinnie.

Al and I meanwhile measured up for the windows in the main barn and we will see if we can get these made and fitted before be go.

Managed to get the shelf fitted which looks fab and makes a better use of the space and finally got the large wine rack out and the smaller wine rack in and off the floor. Been meaning to do this for ages but never got around to it.


A mackerel salad in the sun.

Lots of bits and pieces in the pm. Checked that the studding fits around the next tree we have marked for another platform which it did, just!!!

We are getting hacked off with the few bats which are left as they p*ss and sh*t over everything and we are concerned the floor is going to get really marked. So we cleared the junk and have laid DPC over the floor to protect it until we get the place pointed and the bats leave for good.

A quick tidy up both upstairs and downstairs before calling it a day and setting to with e mails, work, translation stuff etc etc.

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