Sun Sun Sun


We awoke to see the sun shining which was great news. We decided to head up to Port Salau for a walk something we have been trying to do for ages. We got a text from Lee saying he had the same idea so he swung by the gite at 10am and we headed off.

We had a lovely walk up to the col, Lee knowing the area well and being a fund of information re the area on the way. Lots of alpine flowers out too which was fab. We were lucky enough to see 3 alpine foxes and 3 issards.

When we got to the col a couple of hours later, the wind was a bit nippy so we did not hang around for too long but had a look into Spain and lots of adventures possible from here. We did wander a bit further up to the snow where Lee continued on to grab a couple of peaks and we trundled down for lunch in the sun.

We got back to the van after a leisurely walk back and Lee and Eric then joined us for a beer at the bar. Eric is living nearby and is a tree surgeon so he could be very useful contact for us. He also knows a good water diviner in the area so we have his contact details too. Something to tackle in October when we are out again.


It was a fantastic day to actually be able to get out into the mountains, fresh air and exercise and see some of the beautiful area we are in.

Al found a “puffball” so he went and saw Adam to see if we could eat it for supper…he said yes…so Al is preparing it now, smells delicious we will see.

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