Sopping Sunday

Someone installed a false ceiling in the valley today as the cloud level seamed to be merely metres above our heads. Some indoor work was called for so we set about the fiddly job of cutting plasterboard to fit around the chimneys. This was made easier by the fact that Breezy had made some cardboard templates of the gaps before the chimneys were fitted.

So all we needed to do was to create the right shape, cut it in half and create a hole for the chimney to go through the pitched ceiling. Then repeat. Up the ladder; down the ladder; shave a bit off here; up the ladder; down the ladder; shave a bit off there… you get the picture. And yes it was the wobbly ladders as well.

So we had a late lunch after both chimney bits were fettled. We did not attach the boards for fear that we would need to take the chimneys down to get the wall supports in. Shopping for the parts tomorrow.

After lunch Breezy lit the Colonial stove to check it worked and to our relief it is great.

The afternoon was occupied doing small jobs preparing for bigger ones and preparing a shopping list for tomorrow. No pictures I am afraid as there is very little to show for our efforts bar a pile of plasterboard dust and a bag of rubbish.

Finished working at 6.30 before a quick shower and then an hours cookfest. The pork, beef and trout all need cooking tonight. 4 meals in one hour. Pork curry (for later in the week), stir-fried pork (tomorrow lunch), minced beef (later in week) and marinated roast trout (tonight).

Bed and sleep.

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