Saturday sort

Breezy got out the door early with the strimmer before I had finished working on the website for the chalet in Chamonix. Breezy’s Father arrives tomorrow so we have a list of  “must dos” for the day and a list of “nice tos”. The must dos are mainly cleaning but first we should take the opportunity to make some more mess.

I got on with sanding plasterboard while Breezy sorted out a bed for Ian. We have a couple of single mattresses which zip together but unfortunately all the beds are different heights. An early job was to cut down the legs of one of the beds to create a level frame as a double bed. That sorted and bedding on we had a general sort out and tidy up. Tools away, rugs down, sweep up downstairs and sort out the wood.

In the afternoon we were chopping wood outside when Peter came to visit with Daisy the dog. We stopped for a drink and a chat before stocking up the log box for the main barn. Breezy was eager to get some paint on the walls even though some of the panels still had some wet filler. It is now red; not a bright red but a warm earthy red. It is amazing what a lick of paint can do to brighten up a place.

The cloud has come down again though I don’t think it will rain. Shower under the tree courtesy of the sun; omelette and salad upstairs in the main barn.

Over the past few days Breezy has been taking handfuls of stuff out of the outhouse where we still sleep and moving the kitchen up to the big barn. On one hand it is a shame to see the shelves of the small outhouse that has been home for so long slowly depleted. On the other hand it is great to have such a beautiful space to cook and live in upstairs in the barn.

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