It’s rained and the water butts are full again. I guess that they were down to about a quarter full or less. Overnight we have caught about 1,500 litres and that is only off 25% of the roof. So we don’t have to go get river water for the mortar mixing.

Unfortunately the rain is continuing which means no progress on the wall.

I went off in the van to pick up more cement from St Girons and left Breezy in the barn working on Ski Breezy stuff and emails. I got back at noon and Breezy was still tapping away at her keyboard getting emails out to clients.

Lunch was salad and ham then I started a proposal for a client in the Netherlands while Breezy made some redcurrant jelly with the fruit from the garden. Minor catastroph when clicking down a lid of a jar and redcurrent jelly coated the worktop, floor and us.

Game of scrabble before sausage supper and a hand of cards before bed.

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