Prepare to climb

We have been wanting to climb the ridge between Mt Rouche and Cap Ruhos for over a year. Decision made to go on Wednesday afternon up to the Cabane below the sumit of Mt Rouche. Today is all about prepartion both in terms of kit, and food, but also some of those little jobs to get done before we go.

Started early with sorting out some of the garden and cutting logs for the fires in teh main barn.

Then the normal internet session sorting out Ski Breezy emails and website stuff.

Breezy also had some time slots to talk to her friends and her Father on Skype.

Breezy drove the van up to the old mine above Salau and cycled back so that when we finsh walking on Thursday we don’t have to do the final few kilometers of road back to the barn.

After lunch we gathered overnight kit together and packed rucksacks with ropes and harnesses (just incase). Some more odd jobs and then a bit of a cookfest in the early evening preparing sandwich fillings and also a sausage, rice and vegetable, one pot meal for Wednesday night at the cabane.

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