Another glorious day, summer has arrived so it feels. Up early as it was the weekly shop to St Girons and as usual a long list of things to get done whilst in town. A quick brekky and off we trundled.

We had supplies at Le Forgue to collect, washing to throw in the machine, plasterboard and cement to collect from Cazale other end of town, roses and plants to buy for the garden, food to buy and fuel and gas to collect. All tikced and done by 10.30am and back to Salau. We popped in to the auberge to drop off power tools we had borrowed and a quick coffee and discussions on how to collect Dad on Sunday as the Tour de France is coming through and St Giron is closed and Dad is at the other side of St Girons!!! Change of plan off to Foix we think is the only solution.

Washing on the line, food in the fridge and then started lugging sheets of plasterboard up the hill and getting it in place at the same time so we did not run out of space.

By 230pm we were hungry and had one wall up,  most of the plasterboard up the hill, plants up and ready to go in this afternoon. Time for prawns in the sun. A quick lunch as we could see thunderstorm clouds looming and we did not want to get caught out with materials down by the van.

All good though the storm came as we had washing in all dry, materials all in the barn and most of them used. A pretty good start to Bedroom 1!

Huge thunderstorm for about 30 mins which helped fill the water butts and then it cleared again so we could get the clematis and roses in which Dad gave us money for last year as birthday pressies but was the wrong time to put them in. They should add some colour to the terraced area and let’s hope they survive the winter up here.

Showers and then internet. I cooked a newish cod dish for supper very simple with anchovies, capers, lemon, baby toms and  olive oil with some stir fried veggies. It got the thumbs up. Early to bed we were both quite tired but a good progress day.


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