New guest

Now this has happened a couple of times now and it is slightly alarming. At 0630 we both woke up to the sound of tiny feet on the insulation in the roof. We think that there is only one animal but it either has to go or start wearing slippers indoors.

Considering that we went to great lengths to mesh off the eaves when we put the ceilings in and that the gable ends are capped in concrete between the beams, I don’t know how the critter is getting in.

Fortunately we can drop the downlighters out and pop odd bits of poison into the roof space, so that is what we have done.

Friday LunchLate breakfast and an amble up to the waterfalls with Anne. I went to the 1st one and Breezy and Anne went onto the next while I pottered about the barn.

Lovely lunch of bread, cheese, pate and salad on teh terrace before Breezy gave Anne a lift down the piste to her car about 1600.

Showers, BBQ ribs and a random film, then it’s the weekend.

Shopping tomorrow!

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