More wall work

After the usual session of internet bashing Breezy set about a couple of small walls to block in the stairs. Again using some of the wood salvaged from Chamonix and some creative cutting and fixing we are making progress on the bedroom. This bedroom will have access to the area under the stairs as a wardrobe come store area.

Meanwhile I was creating a strip of ceiling between two joists for lighting.

Other things done in the day included grouting the tiles in the porch area and emptying the bags of cement from the van and carting them up to the barn. Again the mucktruck is invaluable.

We saw Annie and Jean on the piste who were walking up and threatened to call in on their way back down but the weather closed in and it started to drizzle so we didn’t see them again.

In the evening we christened the new cooker with some chilli and ginger marinated pork, lit the colonial stove and had a read before bed.

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