Monday shopping

The summer is gradually drawing to an end. There is one single tree on the other side of the piste and the colours are definitely turning. When the alarm geos off in the morning (not often set) the sun is not already beaming in the windows as it has not yet made it over the ridge of the mountains in the east.

We got up, had breakfast and headed down the valley with the list to go shopping in St Girons. Laundry in the machine; quick trip to the garden place for grass seed and rat poison; back for the laundry then I went into the builders merchant while Breezy started the food shop.

All done and heading back up the valley by 11am.

Quick stop in Salau to fill water containers and check for post at the Auberge then up to the barn to unload. 4 trips up the hill with plasterboard and 1 with the mucktruck.

Ham salad sandwiches for lunch as the prawns did not look very appetising in the supermarket.

Afternoon of painting piss pot components either with varnish or yellow to match the steps, and then making a divider for the cutlery draw in the kitchen.

Supper of spagetti bolognaise as the fish in teh supermarket was not up to much.

After a sandwich lunch I cut some logs

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