July 14th

The French celebrations once again warrant our support, and this time we have volunteered Ken’s services as well.

Once again our local community are celebrating the day with a lunch at the Auberge in Salau and Renee & Anouk have asked us to help serve. After a fantastic fruit breakfast we took the van down the track for 10am. Shifting furniture about, laying tables and general preparations before a coffee on the terrace then I was into the kitchen helping Renee and Ken and Breezy were helping Anouk with the front of house stuff.

Melon and Parma ham to start; rabbit, red cabbage and pollenta followed by cheese from the local farm pannacotta.

Pictures here on the the Auberge facebook page

Got away by 3pm and headed up to Cirque D’Anglade for a short walk.

The thunder started rattling round the mountains and the heavens opened on the way back down the hill. Quick showers and leftover food for supper upstairs in the barn.


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