Easy Sunday

There is something nice about not having to get out of bed in the morning. I know that any pressure to get out of bed is entirely self inflicted but it is nice all the same. A leisurely breakfast and then I finished off the mirror for the porch (another jigsaw job).

Finishing touch for the kitchen is the kickboards to go under the units. The last little jigsaw job before handing it back in the morning. White we had all the tools out on the terrace and the generator running Breezy made another mirror frame out of forklift pallet wood and a new kitchen roll holder as we now have 2 kitchens.

In the afternoon we took a walk up to the 2nd waterfall and back. There is still loads of avalanche material and debris up there and the waterfall itself is the fullest I have ever seen it. Loads of wild flowers are out and it is beautiful.

Finished off the day in the garden weeding and sowing more vegetables. Hopefully that should see us through now.

Another hot shower purely from the power of the sun and Breezy has a new chicken dish to try out. Chicken with plums and soy; roast chicken with fresh chillies, garlic, soy and plums. Delicious!

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